About Us


Baotuo Paper Equipment Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign cooperative enterprise which specializes in research and development, manufacture and sale of high-speed household tissue equipment in Baosuo Group. The main products are Suction Former Yankee tissue machine, Crescent Former tissue machine, TAD tissue machine etc. The design width of tissue machine is 2850-5600mm, the design speed is 900-1600m/min, the design capacity is 35-130t/d. Baotuo tissue machine can meet production requirement for wide basic weight of 13-45g/m² , having strong adaptability in raw material. The unique design of machine ensures excellence in equipment efficiency , and at the same time ensures the lowest energy consumption in each production link, provides strong support for enterprises to reduce consumption and save operation cost, and is the preferred tissue machine for household tissue manufacturers.

According to the market demand, Baotuo combines the strong production base of Baotuo and sincerely provides the turnkey project of whole production system engineering for the customer.

Choose Baotuo tissue machine to enjoy the symphony of stable equipment running, environmentally friendliness, energy saving and quick investment return.

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